High Quality Tissue Cultured Plants!

We Specialize in high quality Tissue Culture Raised Ornamental, Flowering, and Banana Plants we are distinguished for our vigorous, disease-free crops. We expertly blend technology and true innovation to produce the finest tissue-cultured, custom propagated Flowering, Ornamental and Banana plants across India

We can help you Transform and grow to sustainably produce the best yield

Vigneshwara Biotech has played vital role in changing the concept of traditional farming with the introduction of Tissue Culture in raising Flowering, Ornamental and banana plants.
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Why choose us?
Because we grow the best tissue cultured plants.

  • 1
    Disease Free

    our plants are processed in sterile conditions and are guaranteed to be disease free.

  • 2

    our plants have a more fibrous, healthier root system free of any root rot problems

  • 3
    Vigorous Growth

    Our plants are characterised by more vigorous growth after transplanting & have a higher survival rate

We help nurseries, growers, and garden centres
stay one step ahead.

We cater to nurseries and garden centers, and are committed to providing customers with high quality tissue culture plants!

Our tissue culture plants have many advantages over conventionally produced ones. Our plants:

  • are guaranteed to be disease free
  • have a more fibrous, healthier root system free of any root rot problems
  • exhibit a denser, bushier branching habit
  • are characterized by more vigorous growth after transplanting
  • have a higher survival rate
''have started yielding or are expected to produce the best variety of tissue cultured banana.''
Venkatesh Rao Maddur, Karataka
''Great quality plants at fair prices and very helpful staff. I had an issue which was resolved promptly. I do not hesitate to recommend this company.''
Prasad Reddy Valapatla, Andhra Pradesh
''The team did a great job with my patio. They provided us with exotic ornamental plants. I was surprised to see the difference.''
Claire pereira Bangalore, Karnataka
''Your team achieved great results in my garden. It was all covered with bushes and weeds, but you changed it with the best flowering plants''
Chandra Shekar Naidu Chennai Tamilnadu
''we got the best bananas and avocados last year.''
Shantha Bai Pune, Maharashtra

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