Flowering Plants

Get the best types of flowering plants, including annuals and perennials,


Our Flowering shrubs will bowl you over with a great growth, are timely blooming

Banana Plants

We provide fastest fruiting varieties or short cycle bananas that can fruit within a year

True to type
High market value
High quality yield
Early Maturity
Disease free
Uniform growth

Flowering Plants

Tissue culture has provided a method for propagation and genetic improvement of plants with commercial value.

  • Most quickly developing
  • High potential to Growth
  • improved Flowers

  • Flowering Plants
  • Ornamental Plants

    We provide exotic categories of ornamentals: orchids, ferns, foliage plants, bulbous species, herbaceous ornamentals, and shrubs.

    • Adoption of micro-propagation.
    • High potential to Growth.
    • Wide range of ornamental plants.

  • Ornamental Plants
  • Banana Plants

    Banana is one of the most commonly cultivated commercial fruit plants especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

    • True to the type.
    • High yield and quality.
    • Uniform growth of fruits.

  • Banana Plants
    • Tissue Culturing

      Cultivation of plant cells, tissues, on specially formulated nutrient media. Under the right conditions

      Fine Crop

      Get the best plants to grow our plants are the perfect option for growers who want a steady yield of crops.

      Global Standard

      We strictly comply with industry regulations and certification requirements.

      Best Quality

      Our State of the Art tissue culture Facilities helps grow quality plants in the field of Biotech.

      Customer Satisfaction

      Ultimate Customer Satisfaction through Excellence in Service and plant quality

      Wide Circulation

      Our Well Spread Marketing and Service Network cover Major Geographical areas.

      We are known for the production of disease-free, high quality and uniform plants.

      Customer satisfaction


      Plant Quality




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